We specialize in "Customizing" kits to meet the safety needs of each Industry including: Emergency Responders, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, General Office, Banking, Aviation, School/Educational Institutions, Transportation, Correctional Institution, Restaurants & Hotels, Retail, Wholesale, as well as Local, City, County, State & Federal government agencies.

We Manufacture OSHA Compliant products:
  • Personal Protection Kits
  • CPR Resuscitation Kits
  • HIV Barrier / Infection Disease Control Kits
  • Major Disaster / Recovery Kits
  • Biohazard/ Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Clean-Up Kits
  • FEMA Hurricane Clean-Up Kits
We Supply:
  • Safety Products
  • Protective Gear for respiratory protection
  • Level III Pandemic Kit (Ebola Virus Protection) 
  • Full Face Shield inside Ebola Virus Pandemic PPE Kit #MPAV3 (MOD)-4
  • Hurricane Disaster Clean-Up PPE Kits